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Aurora Tsunami Swim Team

The Aurora Tsunamis Swim Team is comprised of students from 6-18 years of age. Designed to not only work with swimmers starting out, but also the advanced swimmer. We strive to provide a safe and developmental program, to enhance your strokes to their top potential.

Here you can find our up to date schedule, event calendar, pool location and upcoming swim meets.
**We ask all parents and participants to check this website and your email on a weekly basis for important team information.

We are part of the United States Swimming organization. They are headquartered at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. For more information about (USA) swimming you can go to their web site at http://usaswimming.org or for the Colorado branch (CSI), http://csi.org.
Our team is also part of the C.A.R.A. (Colorado Association of Recreational Athletics) program. The C.A.R.A. program is designed to have a strong recreational and learning format.

We provide a quality learning environment, covering all competitive strokes, starts and turns.
Work with parents and students by:
• Providing information on upcoming events
• Practice schedules
• Team levels
• Cost and payment options
• Team records
• Improved swimming performance
The practices are designed with safety and skill performance in mind. Each practice will work on proper technique to lower the chance of injury, strength to develop power in the stroke, endurance for long distance events, and speed to prepare them for upcoming competition. These four items we believe that a swimmer can have a successful and long lasting swim career.
Opportunity: We encourage all our swimmers to compete in swim meets. A lot of times it enhances your drive to be better, and some college recruiters notice potential swimmers though this level of competition.

Good sportsmanship!!!!!
**The above expectations will make you a good all-around athlete!!!!!!!!!

Open communication with the coaches
Encouragement for your athlete

PRACTICE LAYOUT: Each practice will work not only work on back and forth laps, but specifics like:
A) Land drills
B) Warm-up
C) Specific skill work, including developing and refining all four strokes
D) Strength
E) Endurance
F) Speed
G) Cool down

CODE OF CONDUCT: The code of conduct was established to insure that every swimmer is receiving the safest and most productive experience possible. If at any time, the coach or any employee feel that these codes are not being followed, it can lead to dismissal of the participant from the team:
1) The illegal use of drugs, alcohol, or controlled substance
2) Whenever a participant is part of any team they are expected to behave in a manner that reflects positively on the team and school district.
3) All team members, coaches, officials and any other person associated with any and all organizations will be treated in a respectful manner.
4) Physical contact with the intent to injure any patron, swimmer, and/or coaches
5) Bulling and /or intimidation
6) Theft
7) Any activity deemed to be dangerous to the safety of patrons, and/or coaches.
8) Any activity deemed to be disruptive to the overall success of an individual or team
**All infractions must be documented by the coach of the swimmers and turned in for review. During the review process, the swimmer’s Coach and Aquatics Coordinator will review the document and a decision will be made.

The following list of policies that pertain to practice. If you have any questions about these policies always feel free to contact the coach. These policies are set forth to help the participant become the best swimmer they can be:
1) If you need to miss a practice or meet to study for a test or work on a project please let one of the coaches know.
2) We recommend showing up the practice 10-15 minutes early, to give the swimmer enough time to get dressed and prepare for practice. Many times announcements will be made at the beginning of practice.
3) For the swimmer’s protection new require that you pick your child no later than 15 minutes after practice.
4) All swimmers must enter and exit at the south end of the pool area.
5) All swimmers must stay within the pool area or locker rooms when attending practices.
6) We ask that all swimmers are respectful of the facility and equipment. That means that all equipment and water bottles must be either put into their proper place or thrown away after each practice.
7) Parents are allowed to attend practice, but we require that they must stay in the bleachers and are respectful of any coach’s request. We also ask that you keep communication with you swimmer to a minimum, since this can be a distraction the swimmer and coach.

For those of you interested in the USA swimming year it is broken up into four different seasons.
For information you can go to the USA swimming website: http://usaswimming.org
During all four seasons times and schedules may change.
Spring Season (mid-February to early- June):
This season is after the girls’ High School swim season and during the boys’ High School swim season. The time and location is dependent on when and where the boys’ team practicing.
Summer Season (early-June to mid-August):
This season starts after the last day of school and ends as the school year begins.
Fall Season (mid- August to early –November):
This season starts at the beginning of the school year and ends at the start of the girls’ High School swim season. The time and location is dependent on when the Middle School s will be practicing.
Winter Season (early-November to mid-February):
This season starts at the beginning of the girls’ High School swimming and finishes at the end of their season. The time and location is dependent on when the High schools will be practicing.

The Aurora Tsunamis encourages attending swim meets. It is a fun and exciting opportunity for the swimmers to see how much they improve throughout the year.
Here are a few items you should know before any swim meet:
A) Goal is self-improvement. It is fun and nice to win ribbons, medals, and trophies, it is not the main goal.
B) Good sportsman is of equal (if not more) important, then overall improvement. We want to emphasize that whether you win or lose, the way you conduct yourself will make a better person overall.
C) A swimmer should always be praised for improving his/her stroke or time. It is the coach’s responsibility to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide love and encouragement to bolster the swimmer’s confidence along the way.
D) We ask that all swimmers, parents, and coaches work together to set realistic goals for their child
E) Swimmers are encouraged to compete in all swimming events, distances, and strokes. It is important (especially for younger age groups) that they find which strokes in which they excel.
Often times a swimmer’s best stroke changes as he/she matures and their bodies go through physical changes.

When the Aurora Tsunamis host a C.A.R.A. swim meet, parents are needed to help with timing and must offer someone to volunteer. Without the minimum of six timers a swim meet can’t start. In USA swim meets volunteer timers are not always needed but still may be requested by the coach if necessary.

There are three different types of payments as part of the competitive swim team.
A) Monthly dues to Aurora Public Schools
B) Yearly fees to the United States Swimming
C) Swim meet fees for the hosting pool

In order to participate in any USA swim meet you will need to fill out their registration
Form. This fee is separate from the Aurora Tsunami Swim Team and payments are made to
Colorado Inc. There are two types of registration forms that you can fill out and are
dependent on when you join:
Policy for Outreach Membership Program in Colorado
Athletes must qualify for the reduced or free lunch program at school. Athletes or parents
Must send proof of the reduced or free lunch program application, Or if you do not attend
A public school, you will need to supply a copy of a tax return. For more information call
the aquatics office.
Lastly, we look forward to providing the best experience for your children while they
are in our program.

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