Tsunami Swim Team Cost and Payment


Pick how many days a week you want to go.
You choose the days and may change them during the week.
The group level determines the monthly cost.

Monthly Team Dues 2 DAYS A WEEK 3 DAYS A WEEK 4-5 DAYS A WEEK
Junior Group $50 $55 $65
Pre-Senior Group $65 $70 $80
Senior Group $70 $75 $90


Second Child Discount:

(Per family) If you have a second child on the team, we offer a 25% discount off the lesser of monthly dues.


Drop in Rate:

$7 paid on same day as drop in. (In cases of swimmers practicing less than two weeks).


Payment Information:

  • Payments are given to the coach by the first Friday of each month
  • Cash, checks, and cards are accepted
  • Checks are paid to Aurora Public Schools (“APS”)
  • With credit card payment call the aquatics office (303-326-1957 ex.28470)
  • With any payment please provide your child’s name and which month you are paying for


USA Registration:

If you are interested in USA swim meets you will need to fill out their registration form. This fee is separate from the Aurora Tsunami Swim Team and payments are made to Colorado Swimming, INC. There are two types of registration forms that you can fill out and are dependent on when you join.


USA Fees:

USA Registration (Seasonal Fee): $35/season

Year around athlete registration: $70/one year

Meet Fees: Amount based on number of events swimming and case by case pool surcharge

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