Gateway High School

Address: 1300 South Sable Boulevard, Aurora, CO 80012

Entrance: Pool entrance is located at the South side of the school by the tennis courts. When you see the yellow gate in the road look towards the building it should say “pool entrance”. When you enter the building the pool will be to the left.

Parking: Parking spaces available by the tennis court side or back school lot if full


Hinkley High School

Address: 1250 Chambers Road, Aurora, CO 80011

Entrance: Pool entrance at the South East Corner of the school, first 2 doors just right of the “main entrance” sign.

Parking: School Parking Lot


Rangeview High School

Address: 17599 East Iliff Avenue, Aurora, CO 80013

Entrance: Pool entrance at the North West side of the school near the tennis courts, walk up the outside stairs and turn left, walk past the benches to the first 2 doors facing you.

Parking: School Parking Lot


Aurora Central High School

Address: 11700 East 11th Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Entrance: Pool entrance at the East side of the school, just left of the school entrance by the circle windows.

Parking: School Parking Lot

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