Team Levels

Junior Team
The Junior team focuses on developing the four competitive swim strokes. Butterfly, Backstroke,
Breaststroke, and Freestyle. It takes your son or daughter from learning to swim aspect and intro to
competitive swimming. The swimmer will develop endurance, proper technique, and a focus on what being on a swim team is like. Juniors learn to set goals, achieve them and become motivated to become the best swimmer they can be.

Pre-Senior Team
The Pre-Senior team will use a pace clock for training and an emphasis on setting goals and
completing a race with pride and accomplishment. They will focus on being able to finish a
swim race with confidence. Members of the Tsunami’s will demonstrate respect and sportsmanship
not only for all team members, but those they swim against. We emphasize responsibility,
being on time, and doing their best in everything they do.

Senior Team
The main objective of the senior team is to take to the swim skills learned and advance to their
highest potential. Each member will understand the competitive world of swimming and
understand that there will always be challenges. Challenges will be overcome by developing a
strong foundation of proper swimming technique and dedication.

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